Reflections of week 1

Concluding all the discussions and reflections our group engaged in during the first topic on online participation and digital literacies would result in a short novel. Therefore, I have decided to only reflect upon the categorization of individuals in visitors/residents, or even natives/immigrants. In our group we discussed and reflected that labeling is in this case quite difficult, as individuals might not perceive themselves as falling into a category. But the main difficulty is that individuals have a tendency to, as White and Le Cornu (2011) propose, move from and between resident to visitor, on a continuum, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Visitor – Resident continuum (White & Le Cornu, 2011).

This continuum, where individuals slide from one end to the other makes labelling difficult, and maybe even unnecessary. And do we actually need labels, or categories such as these? For whom are they beneficial? This is also interesting from a personal point of view. How would I label myself, as I feel that I fit in both categories, or labels? For instance, I feel that I have an online presence (even if I have started to cut down on these), even if I log off, but I still do much of my thinking off-line, and feel as if online tools as just that, tools for accomplishing a task. So for some parts, I’m leaning towards a resident, while other parts of me feel like a visitor. But do I/we actually need to label myself/ourselves? And what is the point?


White, D.S. and Le Cornu, A., 2011. Visitors and Residents: A new typology for online engagement. First monday, 16(9).

6 thoughts on “Reflections of week 1

  1. Hi Jonas and thank you for some interesting reflections on the visitor-resident continuum. I agree very strongly with ypur thoughts about the need of labellling. Also labels are hard to use when a person can be both or moving in both directions at the same time depending on the context/task/ tool …or whatever. I also have a hard time trying to put myself in the continuum. At the same time models like this can be a help in an encounter about where we are and where we are going when it comes to online education and use of ICT tools. It can give some structure to reflect upon if we use it just as a model for thought. I hope I make myself clear, not easy to find the nuances in words. /Lena

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  2. From a real-life point of view, I agree with your hesitation. But, I think someone mentioned that researchers felt they had to react to the concept of “digital natives”. That it was insufficient, not able to grasp the whole picture. I think (again) that I welcome the visitor-resident framework, as it might be helpful to those teachers that perhaps feel afraid of being inferior to their pupils/students when it comes to digital competence.


  3. It is of course interesting to read these post now at the end of the course, now that we all probably have develped even more since the beginning. I think that the thing is exactly that we do not fit under one label. It differs both according to our skills, but also to our interests, There will also be new areas where we will have the opportunity to be visitors or residents, so this will continue πŸ™‚


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